Nov. 20th, 2011

Oh wonderful Yuletide author,

You are amazing. Seriously, you are. Now, about these prompts/requests/things. I'm easy. I'm a canon het kind of girl, except when I'm not. I like humor, but humor done well. Really, I just like stories, so do what you will. If you want some indication of what I like, I keep a recs list on my lj and have bookmarked a lot at ao3.

I have seen the latest series of Downton Abbey and would like it if that could be included in the story. As I said, I love Irish history and would enjoy some of it in the story. It's one of the things the show itself does well weaves the history into the narrative.

I read the book North and South about ten years ago. I saw the miniseries this year and loved it (mostly because of Richard Armitage). I am a lit scholar, so I know a bit about 19th century British views of propriety and you can't tell me that the final scene is not a scandal in the making. Either rewrite it in a less scandalous way or deal with the scandal.

I love Nina and am highly amused by the werewolf baby. That's really it.

The end of Captain America is just not enough. The adjustment period has to be crazy.

Just don't add in any non-canon ships that aren't part of the request and I'm sure I'll love anything you write.



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