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Yuletide letter

Dear Beautiful, talented, kind, generous Yuletide Writer,


Thank you so much for writing this fic for me. I already love it and you. Yuletide is the best and I am always happy with what I get.

As a writer, I love the resource of a letter with all the likes and dislikes. I love the ideas my recipient gives me (which is how I ended up writing lesbian Sky Masterson last year). I want to make this process easy for you, so here's my letter.


Slow burns, humor, ridiculous fanfic tropes (soulmates, forced bed-sharing, fake relationships), happy endings, people who do their research, canon


Major angst (some dark themes are fine as they serve the story but I don't enjoy them as the focus of the story), cruelty, embarrassing situations, other fanfic tropes (other characters betting on their relationship/trying to get them together, suddenly shouting out I love you before it’s earned, ABO), AUs, villainizing the other love interests, characters acting out of character


I’m pretty easy. I really will love anything you come up with. Feel free to look through my fics and bookmarks (I know there’s a lot but maybe the tags and filters will help) to get a sense of what I like. You can also stop by my Tumblr (majorgenerally)  but that might not be as helpful.



And now to the specifics

Moonlight (Chiron, Kevin)

What I put on the form: I really just want them to be happy. I want them to be happy and raise Kevin, Jr and give him a better life than they had.

Extra thoughts: Can I be real for a second? I have a heart of stone and have only cried at like 7 movies in my life and this was the seventh. And I'm talking buckets of tears. BUCKETS. I'm not kidding that I want some type of happiness. I know that getting out of the life is hard and that someone who is as successful as Chiron would be reluctant. I just want a way for them to be happy and for Kevin, Jr to be happy. you could give them a happy date or a happy life. I just want them to be ok.

The Promise (Mikael, Chris)

What I put on the form: At the end of the movie, the voice over says that Mikael raised Teva and that THEY lost Chris at some point, so my brain went clearly Chris and Mikael raised her together. Honestly, Chris did not seem like he was afraid of losing Ana to Mikael. I saw it as Chris assuming they'd all be together and deciding he could still be with Mikael after her death. Yeah, so if you wouldn't mind some kind of story of their life in America after the war, I would very much appreciate it.

Extra thoughts: See the thing about Oscar Isaac is that everyone has chemistry with him. I spent most of this movie going, "Is Chris and Ana's relationship an open one? Do they live together? How is that allowed?" And then that voice-over at the end. You don't have to write them as a couple. You can write them as really good friends who are in each other's lives forever, but wouldn't it be better if they raised a cute little girl together?

Sophie and the Rising Sun (Sophie, Grover)

What I put on the form: What was it like in the camp? How did they deal with life after?

Extra thoughts: I love stories about people who have to struggle to be together. I love stories about people who never quite fit in with other people finding each other. This movie was lovely, but the problem with a lot of movies is that they end when the couple gets together. In this case, they are together but they are in an internment camp and that's it. i want to know everything that happened to them after. I want to know if they had kids (probably not many with how old Sophie is). I want to know about their life after the war and if Sophie ever sold her house.

Right so, I hope this helps. Again, I'd like to stress that I will like anything you write (unless you just pile on all the things I don't like I suppose). Have fun and do your best and I will appreciate it even if you use none of my thoughts.

2016-10-09 09:00 pm

Yuletide letter

Shit. I did not expect assignments to go out that fast. Hopefully, you, dear Yuletide author (sweet kind Yuletide author), come back and check this. Sadly, this letter will now be hastily done and not lovingly crafted over the course of days as I had intended (I’m so letting Treebeard down). This is what I get for finalizing my requests hours before the deadline. Ah well.

Slow burns, humor, ridiculous fanfic tropes (soulmates, forced bed-sharing, fake relationships), happy endings, people who do their research, canon

Major angst (some dark themes are fine as they serve the story but I don't enjoy them as the focus of the story), cruelty, embarrassing situations (which might be difficult to avoid if you are writing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend so feel free to put minimal/necessary embarrassment there), other fanfic tropes (other characters betting on their relationship/trying to get them together, suddenly shouting out I love you before it’s earned), AUs, villainizing the other love interests (even when they are undoubtedly villains, e.g. Lily), characters acting out of character

I’m pretty easy. I really will love anything you come up with. Feel free to look through my fics and bookmarks (I know there’s a lot but maybe the tags and filters will help) to get a sense of what I like.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch, Greg Serrano

What I put in the form: I shouldn't love this show and I shouldn't love these characters together. They are so awkward and if they didn't keep singing I'd probably be hiding under a blanket every time they interact. However, they do sing and it's gotten me past the cringing to the point where I love them and all their problems. I just feel like their particular problems go well together and want them to be happy. I don't care how they get there; I just want them to be happy.

Added things: To get together, these kids are going to have to get past so many things. That’s important to their relationship, but I think what will make it stronger. You really can do anything you want here as long as you leave me with a happy ending.

Jane the Virgin

Jane, Rafael, Michael, Petra

What I put in the form: At some point, I ended up shipping all four of these people together. They'd just all be happy if they could buy a giant house and raise all their children together. They don't have to be polyamorous if you don't want to write that. It would just be great if they could happily manage their family.

Added things: This show is hilarious and heartbreaking and weird all at the same time. It makes me giggle and keeps me hooked. There certainly are obstacles to this sort of relationship. Somehow Jane’s Catholicism would have to be taken into account and the characters would have to figure out how to be together. However, as I said, they don’t have to be one couple. I’m cool with one house or some other kind of happy co-parenting (which would involve Michael being alive and unhurt and still married to Jane).

Penny Dreadful

Jekyll, Frankenstein

What I put in the form: So I kind of love Penny Dreadful's version of Dr. Jekyll and am thoroughly convinced that he both loves and hates Frankenstein. Do what you will with them and that.

Added things: There is so much to work with here. What was Jekyll’s childhood like? How did his parents meet? How did Jekyll and Frankenstein get to be friends? What happens between them now that he’s Lord Hyde? Why does Jekyll always look like he wants to punch Frankenstein in the face? Is it because he wants to kiss him? Is it because he’s a self-absorbed asshole? Really, have fun and if you go a little angsty on this one, that’s ok.

Far from the Maddening Crowd

Bathsheba, Gabriel Oak

What I put in the form: I know that all my requests are I love them and want them to be happy, but I love them and want them to be happy after all the Thomas Hardy things happened to them.

Added things: Yeah, I just love them and want them to be happy. They do have to deal with all the other characters and British class systems and all that still, but yeah, happy.

Full House

Stephanie Tanner, Kimmy Gibbler

What I put in the form: Somehow, I watched Fuller House and ended up shipping these two. I have no idea how that happened, but yeah, I ship it. It can be a one night stand. It could be an on-going thing that they don't talk about. They could end up together. Whatever you want to do with this is fine with me. Have fun with it.
Added things: I still don’t know how I ended up shipping this, but I do. I so do. And as I said, I’ll love anything.

So, yeah, I think I’m easy. Have fun and let’s make this the best Yuletide ever!
2014-10-23 12:46 pm

Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide writer,

Happy Yuletide! This really is my favorite part of the year and I'm so excited. I've kept a journal all year about possible requests and am thrilled to be requesting them finally.

First, you'd probably like to know something of my tastes.

Likes )

Dislikes )

Meet Me in St. Louis )

The Fades )

Mad Men )

Penny Dreadful )

The Golem and the Jinni )

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder )

So those are all my strange requests. I hope one of them strikes your fancy and you have fun with it. If they don't, if my requests are too far from your comfort zone, I'm ok with anything that isn't out of mine. Honestly, there really is no disappointing me when it comes to Yuletide.

Now, because I'd like my recipient to supply these things, please feel free to look through my bookmarks to see what I read. You can see there are quite a lot. I write the type of things I like to read, so you can look at my fic, too. Finally, my tumblr account is majorgenerally.
2014-01-05 10:59 pm


Ok, so I caved and decided to get a Tumblr. What should I follow?

Also, please go read the Yuletide fic musikurt wrote for me. It's for Chronicle and I love it. Sadly, my broken ipad made commenting much more difficult. But do go read it. I seem to be the only person who actually cares about this topic and so it has not gotten many hits or Kudos and it is great. It deserves more love. Go show musikurt your love. Now, do I buy a new ipad or switch to a different device? Decisions.

And you could read the fic I wrote for Yuletide, which is about the absolutely real meetings between Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman.

But mostly give me some Tumblr recommendations. I need them.
2013-01-01 05:38 pm

Yuletide! is the only subject

So Yuletide authors have been revealed and I can say that I wrote this fic:

Geoffrey Chaucer, fic writer (or Why One Should Not Know Where Poets Live) (1233 words) by major_general
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 14th Century CE RPF
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Geoffrey Chaucer, Giovanni Boccaccio

In which Chaucer goes to Italy, drinks, and reads Italian poetry

I did a lot of research for this because I knew nothing about Boccaccio and only vague things about Chaucer's works that were not The Canterbury Tales. I'm proud of it and glad I stretched myself to write this as a poem. I went with rime royal because it is Troilus and Creseyde's form.
2012-12-25 12:54 pm


Guys, my Yuletide gift was perfect this year. I love it so much. If you haven't seen Misfits you should go watch it through the third season and then read this absolutely perfect fic. I just did not wanti it to end it was so great.

Missing Time (4996 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Misfits
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Alisha Bailey/Simon Bellamy
Characters: Simon Bellamy, Alisha Bailey, Kelly Bailey, Nathan Young, Curtis Donovan

My recipient also liked her? present and that actually makes me more happy than the perfect fic (but only slightly more).
2012-10-28 10:42 pm


As I sit here wondering if the power will go out, I think of you Yuletide Writer and the joy you will bring me.

I love fan fiction. I love it so much. I love gen fic and shipper fic. I get stuck in OTPs. I'm not a big fan of anything too out there. I love comedy. I love silly things and sexy things. I just really love fic. I have about 150 bookmarks on AO3 you may want to pursue (I know I love to do that kind of research on my recipient) and kept a recs list on my lj for years.

Misfits )

The Dovekeepers )

Chronicle )
2011-12-25 11:36 pm


I am really happy with my Yuletide gift this year. It's Being Human andit's Nina/George and there's some funny bits and it's about the baby so go read it. http://archiveofourown.org/works/299949

Also I am crazy pleased with the response to my fic. That's all I can say for now.

Merry Christmas!!!
2011-11-20 09:21 pm

Dear Yuletide author

Oh wonderful Yuletide author,

You are amazing. Seriously, you are. Now, about these prompts/requests/things. I'm easy. I'm a canon het kind of girl, except when I'm not. I like humor, but humor done well. Really, I just like stories, so do what you will. If you want some indication of what I like, I keep a recs list on my lj and have bookmarked a lot at ao3.

I have seen the latest series of Downton Abbey and would like it if that could be included in the story. As I said, I love Irish history and would enjoy some of it in the story. It's one of the things the show itself does well weaves the history into the narrative.

I read the book North and South about ten years ago. I saw the miniseries this year and loved it (mostly because of Richard Armitage). I am a lit scholar, so I know a bit about 19th century British views of propriety and you can't tell me that the final scene is not a scandal in the making. Either rewrite it in a less scandalous way or deal with the scandal.

I love Nina and am highly amused by the werewolf baby. That's really it.

The end of Captain America is just not enough. The adjustment period has to be crazy.

Just don't add in any non-canon ships that aren't part of the request and I'm sure I'll love anything you write.
2011-11-18 08:25 pm

comes back from a long hiatus to talk Yuletide

I forgot to nominate a fandom I wanted for Yuletide and the characters I wanted weren't nominated. Which is to say, I can't decide what my 4th fandom should be. I know I could just submit three, but that is so limiting and not what I like about Yuletide.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to stretch myself with my offers and make things easier on me. I'm picking songs and historical RPF and things I can recite practically.

Is 8:30 too early to go to sleep?
2011-01-27 11:26 pm

frak this is more like a facebook status

I know it means something completely different (and has different spelling) when T Boone Pickins says it, but if he and Jon Stewart don't stop saying "fracking" I just don't think I'll be able to hold it together.
2011-01-04 01:04 pm

2010: A Review

So this year I read a lot of books. I was trying to do the 50 books challenge and definitely got there.Here's the list: )

I'd say the best book of the lot was The Artist and the Mathematician which was a fun non-fiction book about the man who changed the way we study math and who never existed. Seriously.

Oh the fiction, I'd say The Hunger Games Trilogy was the best although I loved Possession, Wide Sargasso Sea, and Timeline.

The worst book of the lot was The Alchemist. I like my religious allegory a little more allegorical. This was just way too preachy and anvily.

So that's what I did with a bunch of my time in 2010.