major_general ([personal profile] major_general) wrote2014-10-23 12:46 pm

Yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide writer,

Happy Yuletide! This really is my favorite part of the year and I'm so excited. I've kept a journal all year about possible requests and am thrilled to be requesting them finally.

First, you'd probably like to know something of my tastes.

I generally like a happy ending. I enjoy comedy and banter and even crackfic (as you can see by some of my requests). I like to see my characters connecting with each other on an emotional level; if there is sex in a fic, it should be an expression of that connection and not just sex, you know? I also love history (between character and actual historic events), clever allusions, and writers who do their homework. I'm also a sucker for bad puns and awesome ladies being awesome.

I'm not really into any BDSM and non-con/rape of any sort keeps me from reading. I also totally lack schadenfreude and cannot handle embarrassment and please no character bashing (especially female characters). I'm also not the biggest fan of much wallowing, but I do like to see my characters recovering from any trauma.

Meet Me in St. Louis--SO last Christmas, I was watching this movie and it occurred to me that Agnes and Tootie are a bit sociopathic (maybe more than a bit). They threaten people's lives and laugh gleefully at the thought of train derailment. Tootie has all those "dead" dolls in the backyard. I've loved this movie my whole life and never realized this. If you are willing, could you write something about their being serial killers? I would also gladly take them as nurses in WWI, because they are the right age for that, but I really want the serial killer fic.

The Fades--I watched thisa while back and was unsatisfied with it, then I watched it again and loved it. I think my original dissatisfaction was that for a split second, I thought that Anna was going to turn into the hero, but Paul came back from the dead instead. However, What I'd like here is a continuation of the story. I know that show presents it as a bad idea to open the ascension points, but it also seems like a bad idea not to do so. Yeah ominous clouds, but how do Paul and co. fix the world? How does the need to fix the world affect their university plans and career goals. What sort of future can they have? And if Anna develops some kind of specialness too because twins, that would be awesome, too.

Mad Men--Ok, so Don Draper sees a lot of dead people in the canon of the show. I'd like you to run with that. Don's a medium and he doesn't realize it. What happens when someone else does? If that's too cracky for you, I'd also be happy with Pete and Peggy's baby finding them in the 1980s.

Penny Dreadful--Say werewolves and I'm there. I'd like to spend some time with Ethan Chandler's inner life. Sure the show will give us some background next year, but I can't wait that long. I want to know what he thinks about and how he feels about himself, his condition, his religion (was he ever int he seminary?). I'm not a fan of Dorian gray, so I'd appreciate as little of him as possible, but feel free to express Ethan's clear bisexuality any way you see fit. Was a tryst the reason he was bit or was it a family thing? really there's just not enough here and I need more werewolves.

The Golem and the Jinni-- I'm looking for some straight up what happens next romance fic. The story ends before they get together, but you know they will. I need this. And if you need a super-cracky twist--which is by no means required--would a baby of theirs be a lava monster?

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder--I love the ladies in this play and I want to see them as friends or maybe even more. Monty can come, too. He's ok, but I want the girls assuring their positions in society and having fun with each other. Let's have some outward propriety and secret plotting (and make-outs).

So those are all my strange requests. I hope one of them strikes your fancy and you have fun with it. If they don't, if my requests are too far from your comfort zone, I'm ok with anything that isn't out of mine. Honestly, there really is no disappointing me when it comes to Yuletide.

Now, because I'd like my recipient to supply these things, please feel free to look through my bookmarks to see what I read. You can see there are quite a lot. I write the type of things I like to read, so you can look at my fic, too. Finally, my tumblr account is majorgenerally.