major_general ([personal profile] major_general) wrote2014-01-05 10:59 pm


Ok, so I caved and decided to get a Tumblr. What should I follow?

Also, please go read the Yuletide fic musikurt wrote for me. It's for Chronicle and I love it. Sadly, my broken ipad made commenting much more difficult. But do go read it. I seem to be the only person who actually cares about this topic and so it has not gotten many hits or Kudos and it is great. It deserves more love. Go show musikurt your love. Now, do I buy a new ipad or switch to a different device? Decisions.

And you could read the fic I wrote for Yuletide, which is about the absolutely real meetings between Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman.

But mostly give me some Tumblr recommendations. I need them.