major_general ([personal profile] major_general) wrote2012-10-28 10:42 pm


As I sit here wondering if the power will go out, I think of you Yuletide Writer and the joy you will bring me.

I love fan fiction. I love it so much. I love gen fic and shipper fic. I get stuck in OTPs. I'm not a big fan of anything too out there. I love comedy. I love silly things and sexy things. I just really love fic. I have about 150 bookmarks on AO3 you may want to pursue (I know I love to do that kind of research on my recipient) and kept a recs list on my lj for years.

One day this summer, a friend of mine could not believe that I hadn't seen Misfits because it seemed like a show that was right up my alley. Then Iwan Rheon was cast in Game of Thrones and I had to see what sort of actor he is (because his character on GoT is the worst possible human being ever). I started watching the show and was done about two days later. Then I watched it again. I love Simon. I love Alisha. I love their relationship. He is so creepy and ten he grows into this amazing person and she becomes an amazing person too. She realizes that she's more than her looks and they just do what Jane Austen always thought people in love should do to each other--they make each other better people. I just wish we saw that happen on screen. The scene where he finds out that he's Super Hoodie did not happen in their timeline. He needed to do that still. We don't see the reactions of everyone else. We never see his family and we know he has a sister. I just would like it if you could fill in the details.

I read The Dovekeepers this summer and really loved it. It was so beautiful and so heartbreaking. The Yael/Wynn storyline is my favorite part. The book would not have worked if Yael and Wynn got to be together. The message would not have been the same and the impact would have been lost. That doesn't stop me from wanting them to be together. I would love some kind of AU where they get to be together.

Chronicle was a much better movie than I expected. It's a fantastic origin story. However, what I love about superheroes (and I do so love superheroes) is how they deal with life and superheroing. Mike was never as talented as the other two and he was never as committed to it. It did look like he was embracing the superhero life at the end or at least living on the run because of the craziness of what happened to his cousin. I would love it if you would speculate on what he does after the movie. Does he use his powers for good? Does he hide? Does he stay with Casey? Does she tell people about the superhero she dated in high school?